Tax Lien & Lawsuit Relief

Bankruptcy can help with tax problems and Stop Wage Garnishments!

Filing any of the forms of Bankruptcy will immediately stop wage garnishments, including IRS taxes, collection on judgments and bank levies (except for on-going Court ordered child or spousal support).

In a Chapter 7 case, income taxes older than 3 years old may be dischargeable under certain circumstances.

In a Chapter 13 case, older income tax may not have to be repaid and income taxes less than 3 years old can be repaid over 5 years typically without interest or further penalties after the Chapter 13 case is filed.

Judgment levies and wage garnishments are collection tools used by creditors to involuntarily collect on the debt and take your money. But when we file your bankruptcy case, your creditors are stopped from taking any action and they lose the right to seize your wages.

In general, Chapter 7 legally eliminates almost all debts including wage garnishments, repossessions, unsecured credit card debt and medical bills. This allows you to control your financial future and get a fresh start. Chapter 13 enables individuals with income to have a plan to repay all or part of their debts and offers advantages over a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.