Debt collector abuses reaching new heights. Protect yourself with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy!

USA Today recently reported, complaints against debt collectors are growing faster than in any other industry. Consumers are finding it hard to pay their bills such as their credit card debt. With the recent financial crisis, many consumers have had to use credit cards to get by. This mounting consumer credit card debt has lead to an increase in creditor calls. The increase in calls has also generated an increase in the abuses by collectors trying to collect on the credit card debt. Tom Pahl, assistant director of the Federal Trade Commission stated recently that some debt collectors are crossing the line into violation of the law. How can consumers protect themselves?

At John Brady and Associates (California Bankruptcy Group) we have helped many consumers who are drowning in credit card debt with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, we will be able to stop all collection action against you immediately! Chapter 7 gives you the right to eliminate the debt you can no longer pay. Our dedicated attorneys and staff are ready to answer any questions for concerns you may have in regards to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Call our offices today at 800-281-3733 or find out more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy at