Creditor Harassment & Repossession Relief

You have legal rights that protect you from creditor harassment

Bill collectors are only interested in one thing…collecting money. They do not care about your well being and will use scare tactics to get you to pay them. We can help you get rid of the stress of the harassing calls and dealing with creditors, bill collectors and an overwhelming amount of past due bills.

Filing any form of bankruptcy immediately stops all creditor threats and harassment; it is illegal for them to continue any collection efforts including phone calls. Many of our clients have told us they sleep much better at night knowing that the nasty calls at home and work and collection notices are now stopped.

Repossessions Relief

If you are behind on your vehicle payments and don’t have the amount of money the creditor wants to stop a repossession Chapter 13 will stop the repossession and allow you keep the vehicle and pay it under the Chapter 13 Payment Program.

For most people filing a Chapter 7 will allow you to keep all of your property including your vehicle as long as you can continue to make the regular monthly payments and keep the vehicle insured. If you cannot afford the vehicle file a Chapter 7 and surrender it without being liable for any balance due. Chapter 7 will also legally eliminate almost all unsecured debt including credit card debts and medical bills.