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If you are facing foreclosure,  you should not have to fight the lenders alone. With over 35 years of foreclosure and bankruptcy law experience, the law office of John F. Brady & Associates can help you stop foreclosure.

If the bank is foreclosing on you, then you probably have many questions, you may be confused, stressed and angry. You are not alone. We have helped many others in similar situations, read more about some of our foreclosure case studies.

Do not face foreclosure without an experienced foreclosure attorney by your side to vigoriously defend your rights and interests. At John F Brady & Associates our foreclosure lawyers will help find the best solutions for foreclosure defense. Call us now, (800) 281-3733, to schedule a confidential and free financial consultation to help you save your home from the bank.


Foreclosure Attorney Help

John F. Brady & Associates represents San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino homeowners that are in need of a foreclosure attorney and financial relief.  Even if you are behind on your mortgage payments, you may still have affordable options to saving your house. Let our team of knowledgeable foreclosure lawyers find the best solution for your situation.

You should know your legal rights as a homeowner being faced with foreclosure. Our experience in foreclosure defense and the bankruptcy process have resulted in saving homes and ridding other debts for  thousands California homeowners who were also once in the same predicament. 

If you are facing foreclosure, it is important to act fast, so call us today! John F. Brady & Associates can fight your foreclosure and stop the bank from selling your home.


What happens in foreclosure? 

It's like a repossession of a vehicle when payments are behind. The lender is allowed to take back your house by foreclosing on it, you will no longer own the house and you will be forced to leave.

In a foreclosure, banks must take the proper steps to have the legal rights to foreclose. Often there are defenses that can be raised on your behalf by an experienced foreclosure defense attorney.  By asserting legal defenses to the foreclosure action, we maximize the chances of a favorable solution.


What about loan modification or short sale? 

While a loan modification or short sale may resolve the issue of unaffordable mortgage payments, they don't solve the whole financial problem because they eliminate only ONE debt.

           Only 13% of homeowners are benefited by loan modifications and                                                         50% default again within a year.  

Why?  After loan modification you still have to pay back all  other debts and  many cannot afford  to pay all their bills.