Bankruptcy Attorney Services

As more people find themselves burdened with large amounts of debt they are naturally going to seek solutions to get out of this debt.  In some cases the best option can be to file bankruptcy as a solution to their personal financial problems.  Every bankruptcy is unique and there is no such thing as a typical bankruptcy.  Because of this, you will want to consult with a local personal bankruptcy law firm that can handle the process from start to finish.  This is often a complex process that is best left to an experienced attorney and those who attempt to file bankruptcy without an attorney often end up hiring one in the end.  There are just too many things that can be missed by an individual who does not have extensive experience in this area and this can result in an even worse financial situation than you are already faced with.  If you live in southern California, bankruptcy attorney services can be obtained in San Diego and Riverside counties by our team of debt relief professionals.

There are a multitude of reasons why you may want to file for bankruptcy and after consulting with an attorney and you can determine what the appropriate course of action is for your particular situation.  In many situations, filing bankruptcy is an option which can help you to reduce or eliminate some debts and reorganize an amount of debt that you can handle.  Whether you have lost your job or you have just been overrun by high interest credit cards, there are a lot of different ways we can help to find a workable solution. Probably the question that is most often asked by those considering bankruptcy is what chapter to file.

When you consult with our bankruptcy attorney this is one of the many questions that will be answered for you, as every situation is different and requires a unique solution.  The most common type of bankruptcy in the US is Chapter 7.  Bankruptcy attorneys frequently handle this type of bankruptcy which is intended to eliminate all debts, with a few types that are excluded such as student loans, back child support and others.  This will also stop the creditors you owe from calling you non stop and forbids any type of collection attempt in the future.  

At California Bankruptcy Group we have the experienced attorneys you want to have on your side during a bankruptcy hearing, as they will be able to get the most favorable outcome possible for you.  Since many people who are filing bankruptcy have been receiving endless phone calls from creditors for at least a few months, getting these calls to end will feel like a burden lifted off from your shoulders.  To know that you will not be getting these calls is often one of the best parts of filing bankruptcy.  If you are not sure how to solve your financial problems and want to explore your options be sure to set an appointment for a free consultation to go over your options.

Bankruptcy is a highly beneficial process designed to help those who are overburdened with debt. These laws were created under U.S. Constitution for individuals, families and businesses to help reorganize financial situations and eliminate debt to get a fresh financial start.

Here are some benefits of filing for relief under the Bankruptcy code:

Get Creditors off your back

  • Stops all collection efforts
  • Provides stress relief
  • Saves your house from foreclosure
  • Saves your car from repossession
  • Stops wage garnishments and lawsuits

Discharge debt

  • Gets rid of all or most of your debt
  • Eliminates junior mortgages

Get a fresh start

  • Stops the aging of delinquent accounts and upon discharge of your case you will be given a chance to rebuild your credit. For most people completing their Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 and receiving a discharge increases their FICO score. The reason for this is that getting rid of debts puts you in a better position to handle more credit.
  • Not only will you have a clean slate after completing your bankruptcy but it also gives you a chance to learn how to budget better


Our law firm is dedicated to helping individuals obtain debt relief through the practice of bankruptcy.